The GBSS School Song


The GBSS School Song

Words by: Dr.  L. M. Commissiong – G.B.S.S. ’29
Music by:  Dr. L. Morgan – G.B.S.S. ’29

At study or recreation
In classroom or playing field;
Let those of each generation
Respect to tradition yield,
The feats of fathers and brothers
Are beacons marking the way;
The torch handed on by others
We must keep alight today.

The prize to the one who earns it,
Let this be our golden rule,
Endeavour enhances merit,
The slacker is Folly’s tool.

The also-ran and the champion,
Each one can but do his best;
The winner’s display depends on
The efforts of all the rest.
To be in the van is not all,
For each has to play his role;
The team wins the match at football
Though one man must kick the goal.

In term time or in vacation
Uphold Alma Mater’s name,
Whate’er the place or occasion,
Remember to play the game,
To win and be sporting is easy,
To lose with a smile is hard.
And yet, to the sportsman, really
The game is its own reward.

And when boyhood days are over,
Our motto must still remain;
For only by earnest endeavor
The highest we shall attain,

A truly great West Indies

Be this our constant aim

Surmounting insular boundaries

A people in more than name.

There you have it -the GBSS School Song. I will examine it verse by verse. You do the same and share your comments

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3 Responses to The GBSS School Song

  1. Stephen Evans says:

    Surmounting insular boundaries?
    Decipher the true meaning. The lyricist was ahead of his time.
    Stephen Evans 71-76

  2. BP says:

    Biggles, see a comment from Ralph Belfon (1964-1969)The song is an inspiration for living, and for life. Underlying the golden rule in the Song is the School Motto: “Non palma sine labore”. Remember to play the game…..!!!

  3. When I was a student at the GBSS, I sang the song frequently. Several years later when I assemble with colleagues the tears develop when I sing as I wrestle with various emotions. I regret that as a boy I sang but never understood the words. I marvel that Dr. Commissiong had the wisdom to create such an inspirational masterpiece. I pray that present students will quickly grasp the meaning and find stimulation in every verse.

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