I’m Back- Food for Thought

Each morning I look into the glow of the risen sun
And see myself – a baby (insect-sized)
Crawling out on hands and knees
Gurgling with seeming anticipation of the unknown
I see myself move away from the sun
To adolescence; and to manhood.
Somewhere around midday, the sun catches up
And passes me by
I am slowed down and absorbed
In worldly experiences and sensations.
But I must catch up – and in sleep I join the dying sun
For tomorrow’s journey – t0omorrow’s bonus.
Another day and I crawl again out of the risen sun,
Still a baby, but somewhat wiser; perhaps more clinging
To the ways of the world,
In further pursuit of my journey
And perhaps to find my purpose.
And so it goes………
That is my mythical story of my life, with a lesson. But is there a lesson behind the lesson? There might be. In this story there is death and resurrection; and food for thought – a what-if. What if human life (in all it aspects) is meant to be consciously lived in daily dying; daily resurrection; and a journey in-between in which we also die and resurrect? Do you think this way?

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  1. Biggles says:

    This is thought provoking. I like the metaphor.

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