Slightly belated.. but never too late.

For those who have not seen it, there is a project out identifying and interviewing young Grenadians making their mark in the world, including at home. I think the idea is brilliant and (compared to my day) I somewhat envy the potential for quick inspiration, given the technological and communication devices available today. I became aware of this venture because my dancer-daughter, Rachel Oneika, was interviewed, and sent me the website: Wonderful, wonderful – congratulations to those responsible. I cannot stop praising Grenada’s ‘vibrant fecundity’ (yes… me again with that) as the products (primary or second generation) float in front of my eyes in sports, dance, music; law; art; writers; car racing; lawn tennis; football; cinema; politics; you name it. And needless to say I am proud of the capabilities continues to emerge from that small island state, Grenada-Carriacou-Petit Martinique. The publication reviews some of Grenada’s current finest who have already achieved, and will no doubt continue to do so. But there are others – struggling to come up, and finding it financially and physically difficult. I am advised of a potential music ‘master’ who has the capabilities but not the financing for his studies. I would encourage all philanthropists to keep eyes and ears open to support people in this situation.

**** COURTESY ROBERT MARECHEAU (NYC): Annual Scholarship Dinner & Dance at Auntuns Catering, Queens , NYC tomorrow 12/13/14. It costs $100.00 with dancing from 8:00PM til 2:00AM.

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