Beacons…gone beyond the Moon

bp1Recently we have had a number of persons we know who are meeting their time to ‘go beyond the moon’, leaving us and their families to meditate on the things they shared with us, including their love. Beacons all, including Carol Bristol and James Dumont (ex-Hostel Boys); Douglas Patterson, Leslie Pierre; and Otto George – all honorable men. We send our condolences to their families, in recognition that death certainly leaves an empty chair at the table of the living heart. I count all of them my friends. I recall Carol as a family friend, and a solid professional. I was privileged being a few years ahead of Dumont and Patterson at GBSS to witness one thing about both – a quiet self-confidence that grew as they grew. I especially remember James’s kindness to my Guyanese Delegation to a CARICOM Statistics Conference in Bermuda circa 1973. Leslie Pierre I remember, nurtured my brother, Michael, to heights in Scouting, and was a hard working Rotarian. And Otto George …. the small man with the big voice; indefatigable, intimidating, larger than life, a great teacher of Physics, mixed with an interest in Sports; and an otherwise warm human being. There is much, much more to be said about these men. I invite any blog reader to prepare a tribute to these beacons (and others we may not know of at this time), if so moved. I’ll carry it on the GBSS Hostel Blog.

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  1. Mekamanone Sixth Form Injustice says:

    I can Forgive but Never Forget Otto for giving me 6 Strokes in Form 6A the only time I got such punishment in GBSS. The Crime – Failure to Stand when a Bajan Master came into 6A during a Free Period. The Turmoil that resulted from the Extrication of Sakkies as Headmaster saw Otto acting as Headmaster and the corruption of Normal Administrative Practices. This effort to cater to the disenchanted brought embarrassment and shame to our very Basic Tradition of respect for our Senior Students. We did discuss in Nutmeg parking lot about 35 years ago but no apology was given – claim of No Recall. May he Rest.

    • admin says:

      Well, you can say that you do have a claim to fame – strokes in VIA. I thought Pie Ogilvie (loudly supporting the enemy at cricket); myself (for running away one night from the Hostel), and someone else who i do not recall, had the claim of being boys who got ‘six of the best’ while in Form VIB. We accepted the punishment as valid for the offense. Your ‘crime’ was minor, but I say if you have not forgotten, you have not forgiven.Anyway, thanks for sharing your story. anybody else???

  2. Collis "Tony" DeCoteau says:

    In the absence of our headmaster Mr. Smith (or was it Mr. Baptiste?), Mr. George was the acting headmaster that day. As the noise from our rambunctious Form 3A sailed across the campus, up came “Bozo George” to find out what was the matter. Upon getting our attention, he told us that our math teacher, Mr. Callendar, would not be in as he was under the weather. So Bozo stayed around and gave us some Arithmetic problems to solve. He noticed one of our colleagues was not writing as he should have been doing. So Bozo asked, “Purcell, why aren’t you writing?” To which Davie responded, “I lent somebody my pen, Sir.” Little did I know that we were going to be actual witnesses to the famed Bozo humor and brazen outbursts that the “science” boys used to tell us about. In his inimitable style Bozo burst out laughing, turned to Davie and said, “Purcell boy, you know you are a bitch and a half.” “Purcell if you lend somebody your “bird” what you go pee with?”
    The outburst of laughter from the class was immediately quelled as Bozo, as usual, would have none of it.

    Today I look back lovingly and thank my lucky stars for being a GBSS boy in the presence of so many amazing characters, many of whom have since gone to the great beyond. Who could ever forget the unbelievably sarcastic “K I M “Sarkies” Smith, the “British gentleman” Sir Paul Scoon, the literary “Daddy Bakes” Baptiste, and the outrageous Otto “Bozo” George!! Sadly these men have all left us, but left us with so many fond memories to laugh as we reminisce.

    Let me close with one of Bozo’s pet sayings “damn nonsense, damn nonsense!”

  3. buchanan a lessey says:

    Thomas Gray said it best in: the boast of heraldry, the pomp of power, And all that beauty all that wealth e’er gave , await alike the inevitable hour, the paths of glory lead but to the grave. one can only hope that they not only lived wisely, but that they also lived well.This should be a comfort to all those who knew these fine fellows and open our eyes to this simple philosophy that life is short, so make every night a fortnight. My condolences to the families. Who can forget Otto,brazen at times, but always genial in disposition, with the added gift of humor.

    • admin says:

      Something we missed as boys, and perhaps hardly appreciate as adults is that our teachers were mostly young adults trying to find their way around. The characteristics they adopted helped them to meet the difficulties and difficult students they had to deal with. I was surprised that Bakesies was young enough to get married….

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