Deliver a Blessing
For all we know…..
I came across the blessing below at a Gift Shop, and after reading it, I just had to buy it. It now seems that I should pass the blessings involved to all my family and friends, etc., etc. I also ask that you send it to all your family and friends, etc.,etc., and be blessed yourself by just doing that.

May the road
rise to meet you.
May the wind
be always
at your back.
May the sun
shine warm
upon your face;
The rains fall soft
upon your fields
And, until we meet again,
may God hold you
in the hollow
of His hand.
And why; and why now?

Think on the words of the song: ‘For all we know’.
For all we know
This may only be a dream
We come and we go
Like a ripple on a stream
So love me tonight
Tomorrow was made for some
Tomorrow may never come
For all we know…………….

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2 Responses to FOR ALL WE KNOW……

  1. Collis "Tony" DeCoteau says:

    H A P P Y F A T H E R’ S D A Y!

    Your appreciation of the women in the May issue was very well done. I only knew our Hostel Matron, Ma Braff, who was all that you said, plus some more. But please don’t forget that there were and some remarkable men who are still around who should also be honored. Your daughter’s response to your FOR ALL WE KNOW illustrates that.

    From that same Hostel came our own Paulo, or as Grenada and the world know him, Sir Paul Scoon. By the way what’s still left to be done is a compilation of tributes from those of us who knew that towering man so well.
    And particularly in my case, there was my dear Paren Frankie to whom I dedicated an entire chapter in A PLACE CALLED GOUYAVE.
    I doubt very much that those men knew or understood the lasting impact of their caring and simple acts. And of course as children we likewise took what they did for granted without attaching much significance to it. Time has helped us to put things in perspective, and today I can’t helped but be amazed as I look back and realize what “the man who taught me to tie my tie” meant to me.
    On this Father’s Day, as my own children shower their thanks on me, I want to say to those who’ve since passed and the few who are still around thank you very much for helping to mold who I am.

  2. Rachel says:

    I love the all encompassing and enveloping sentiments of this platitude. Thank you Daddy!

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