Just what makes that silly old ant

Think she could move a rubber tree plant?

Everyone knows………….

….Whoops there goes another rubber tree plant.

In a potpourri of things and people Grenadian, Rachel Oneika is featured with other artistic Grenadian women on Grenadian Women Inc. Facebook page. “By watching Rachel dance on stage or on video, one can easily understand why she is one the best female urban dancers in the world.” Check it out!

In another set of news Rachel was given an award her school,  Sehnandoah University/ Conservatory in Virginia: “After an evaluation of many successful and recent alumni, the Conservatory Division Chairs voted unanimously to recommend you as a recipient of the Shenandoah Conservatory Rising Stars Alumni Award for 2016.We have all been impressed to witness the scope and integrity of your professional work, and are most happy to publicly recognize you and your mounting accomplishments, along with four other exceptional alumni from the Conservatory.”

Congrats, Rachie……


ON1: Rachel underwent back surgery recently and is now recuperating. She is recuperating well, but your healing vibes are welcome.

ON2: News that Vincent Marshall. Brother of Carl “K-Leg” Marshall has been the victim of multiple seizures requiring resources beyond his own. Please check:  for the full story and for a Crowdfunding” page.

GBSS MEMORIES: get the story behind the story (said by others)

 “Ambition must be made of sterner stuff”

               Three things are involved in goal setting and achievement: realistic goals including timing; difficulties inherent in the goal itself; and difficulties inherent in yourself. So you want to be a cross- country runner after running only short races. You need to determine what exactly you want to do (win cross-country races); the difficulties inherent (long distances, hills, detours, poor roads, etc.); and the amount of effort and ‘grunting’ you are prepared to expend to getting there. This Sarcies admonition always referred to this last component – in almost everything worth its salt, your ambition must be built on stuff sterner than mere hope; on rugged preparation, and on much more than cursory forays, confidence, etc., etc. Great advice requiring a little thinking…..

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