About the Author

THE GRENADA BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL HOSTEL – Reminiscing on a boarding school life in Grenada

by Dr. Winston J. Phillips

Dr. Winston J. Phillips received his secondary education at the Grenada Boys Secondary School and was a GBSS Hostel Boy from 1953 to 1960. After GBSS and the Hostel, Phillips obtained a BSc. (Econ) degree at the University of the West Indies; an MSc. (Agric. Econ) degree also at UWI; and a PhD (Agric. Econ) at the Pennsylvania State University. Apart from being widely travelled,  his accomplishments include being Chief, Agricultural Development Section at the CARICOM Secretariat, and later the first Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization  of the United Nations to the State of Eritrea, East Africa. Phillips has three daughters, and lives with his wife, Elizabeth, in Arizona, USA.